Traditional cave houses



Olympic Villas traditional cave houses
Here is a piece of information about the history of this house, which we consider very useful for you to know in order to understand its use and architecture.

These houses are approximately 150 years old. For the people at that time it was much easier to excavate the mountain than to carry or buy the building materials (taking under consideration that the main means of transportation was the donkey). The location of 'Caldera' was selected, because it was the cheapest part of the island since it could not be cultivated. Moreover, the cave houses keep a fairly stable temperature throughout the year. The traditional houses are hot during winter and cool during summer time. The size was fitted to the needs of the resident family and limited by natural obstacles such as big rocks. When the children were about to start their own family they would either build an additional room or, if there was enough space, they would build a new cave house next to the old one. This is the way the entire village was constructed. Today the Caldera area is protected by very strict building regulations in order to keep the traditional look and architecture.

Traditional houses can accommodate 2 to 4 persons. 7 of the houses have one bedroom & 2 of the houses have two bedrooms. All the traditional houses have bathroom, kitchenette, private terrace and view to Caldera. They are ideal for newly-weds, and people who want to experience new things in their vacations. Due to their location they are inconvenient for babies and elderly or physically disabled people. Furthermore, there is a complex of 2 traditional houses plus 1 room which can accommodate up to 9 persons. This is ideal for big families or groups of friends.
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Traditional cave houses
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