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Katerina Giannis     Lyon France
Nous venons chaque année à Olympic villas, c'est notre maison de cœur toute la famille est adorable, le lieu enchanteur on ne s'en lasse pas depuis 1997!!!!!

Leo & Anne     Cologne Germany
Wir waren Okt. 2008 bei euch und ich muss sagen, ich würde jederzeit wiederkommen sobald sich mir die Möglichkeit bietet. Ihr wart alle so freundlich und nett, die Zimmer waren so schön und die Lage ja sowieso. Die Neugestaltung eurer Webseite ist euch super gelungen. Bei euren Verwandten in Brühl waren wir auch und sie haben sich sehr gefreut. Ich hoffe, bald wieder mal nach Santorin kommen zu können und wünsche Euch nur das Beste für 2014 ! Bleibt gesund und erfolgreich - herzliche Grüße aus Deutschland.

Βασιλική     Ελλάδα
Πέρσι πέρασα τις πιο υπέροχες διακοπές της ζωής μου στις εγκαταστάσεις σας και λάτρεψα το νησί σας. Ελπίζω κάποτε να ξαναέρθω... Το συγκρότημα των κατοικιών σας είναι υπέροχο.

Χορτατσιάνη Κατερίνα     Ελλάδα
Γειά σου Πέτρο. Ο Γιώργος και η Κατερίνα είμαστε απο Θεσσαλονίκη. Το ζευγάρι που αρραβωνιαστήκαμε το 2003 εκεί. Πιστεύω να μας θυμάσαι... Μπήκαμε στο internet και θυμηθήκαμε τις όμορφες στιγμές που ζήσαμε εκεί. Να είσαι πάντα καλά και σίγουρα κάποια στιγμή θα τα ξαναπούμε απο κοντά, να μεγαλώσει λίγο η κορούλα μας. Δώσε τα φιλιά μας σε όλους. Η αδελφή σου γέννησε. Πιστευω να πήγαν όλα καλά. Τις αγκαλιές μας τις πολλές στη Μαρίκα και στον γίγαντα Γκοτζίλα που θα τον γνωρίσουμε σύντομα. Με εκτίμηση Γιώργος-Κατερίνα

Λαδας Ξανθος     Ελλάδα
ΑΠΙΣΤΕΥΤΟ ΜΕΡΟΣ, ΑΠΕΡΙΓΡΑΠΤΟ... ΑΠΛΑ... ΣΑ ΝΑ ΟΝΕΙΡΕΥΣΑΙ.... Πολλα ευχαριστω που περιποιήθηκες τους φίλους μου. Ευχαριστήθηκαν πολύ! Εισαι πρώτος! Τον Ιούλιο ερχόμαστε όλοι μαζί. Κανονίσου! (ξέρεις τωρα...δωμ.134 κλπ!) thanks again!

Athina Benardi    
What I liked the most was Mr. Artemis, he was a proper Greek, he reminded me of my father, and because of this I developed an emotional attachment to him. People like Mr. Artemis,and my father are the streetwise kind of people, but hey! Do not disagree with them or trying to talk to them in circles, they will eat you alive. As I am the daughter of a heavy builder I tend to love those people and I would like to send him my regard, my love and of course my deep respect. The service: Fix the espresso machine (water needs to be hotter), and don't use ready ground coffee but invest in a professional grinder. Instruct cleaners to clean rooms only upon customer's request. Do not disturb in the morning. Hairdryers in each apartment. Tv in each apartment or upon request. We will be back to see the improvements next year. Cheer up Petros!

Emme Roland    
A very nice place to stay in OIa Santorini. We get married in this beautiful area of olympic villas , thank you for your kindly support and help in many situations to get married in Oia

Dutel Katerina     France
We came lots of time ( 4 or 5 times) and it was always so fantastic with a very nice familly so we have decided to come again and for many times. Katerina Didier Maria from France

Suvi & Ulrika     Finland
Thank you for last summer! it was fantastic and your hotel is so pretty.. we will maybe come again next summer.... (: greetings for your dog from Finland.. (:

The Gregor Family    
What a fantastic boutique-style hotel with familiar atmosphare! We strongly recommend one weeks stay in a Traditional House to every stressed person. After a couple of days chilling out you simply forget everything about time. You sleep, eat, swim, read whenever you like.... No TV, bring a good book instead or pick up one from the hotels small liberary. Getting bored? Ask Petros to book an excursion! Or have deep filosofic discussions with "Three Amigos" - the fun cleaning trio. Olympic Villas is a piece of paradise and a place where you really can relax.

Dagras Martine     France
Coming back from the grenadines, it was a real pleasure to see on my webtouch a mail from Greece and chiefly from all your family... il hope all the best for your chidren Christina and Petros- and healthy greetings for yourself ! Happy new year Martine

Gautschi Leopold & Margareta    
We enjoyed very much our last year's stay at 1) our North side pool room and 2) our traditional (albeit very simple) room overlooking the breathtaking Caldera - we will be back for more, because your unflinching and ready service is also a plus ! We wish you every success in 2004!

Ragnhild     Norway
Hey! Only 6 months left now... I am so looking forvard to the day when me and my dear boyfrend are flying down to the beautifull Santorini/Oia :) This is our first trip together and i hope it will be something we boath can enjoy and never forgett.. Best greatings from Ragnhild and Erik in Norway :)

Travelagency ATP     Netherlands
Thank you for the best wishes for 2004. Ofcourse we have the same wishes for you all. As a travelagent we hope we can make our reservations for our customers again coming year. Kind regards Helma

St-Arnaud Josette    
Thnak you for your Holiday wishes. I enjoyed my stay at your place, such a lovely place. I hope to return next year. Best wishes to everyone for the New Year.

Nikos Coutroulis    
Yassou! I would just like to tell you all that we had an amazing time on our vacation, and I would like to thank you so much for being a part of it. Everyone at Olympic Villas was fantastic in helping to make our 5 nights in Oia amazing. I look forward to our return, as looking out onto the streets on New York City, doesn't have the same feeling as the Caldera. Chronia Chimona

Kruikemeijer Esther    
After a wonderful holiday on your beautiful island last year, we are coming back on the 18th of this month to stay in one of your traditional houses. We can hardly wait! So until next week! Esther and Daniël

Peter & Birgit Blaas     Holland
Here we come, tonight where leaving holland and come to your great place!, till tomorrow!

Lievers Cor     Netherlands
Last year we visited your very nice apartment and would like to thank again for your warm welcome and friendly atmosphere. we enjoied the fantastic view,and will recommend olympic villas to everyone who wants to visit oia/santorini. one day we will see you again,and for now we wish you all the best!!!!!!!!!!!! Love and greetings from frank, anneke and cor lievers. The Netherlands.

Gitti and Leander Strimmer    
Dear friends, we look forward to see vou again and to enjoy your hospitality in this wonderful place! Gitti and Leander